With so many ways to take couple’s portraits, how do you decide on the right poses? Photographers will usually run through a memorized list of poses during the session. However, in this video, I’ll be showing you a simple posing guide for stress-free couple’s and engagement portraits.

Video: Simple Posing Framework for Couple’s & Engagement Portraits

Capturing the right poses can be a stressful part of couple’s and engagement photography. There are just so many to go through. Rather than a list of poses, I’ve created a simple posing framework for a stress free couple’s shoot in 4 easy steps. Let’s jump right in.

Step #1: Foundation Posing

simple posing foundation poses
The 5 Foundation Poses

I begin each session by teaching my clients the Foundation Poses. Foundation Posing consists of the 5 basic feet positions that serve as bases for the majority of couple’s poses. From here, directing and guiding my clients becomes incredibly easy and simple.


For our example, we begin building our final look by starting our couple off with the Closed Pose.

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Step #2: Set The Intention

Are you looking at a romantic scene with the beautiful sunset, or a silly and playful moment between the couple? For this step, describe to your client the scene as you imagine it. Doing this will set the vibe and help bring your clients into the right moment and mindset.

Step #3: Micro-Posing

Rather than big changes, we want to focus on small and simple posing adjustments. For this, we want to keep in mind:

  1. The eyes and where they’re looking.
  2. The hands and what they’re touching.
  3. The distance between the couple.
  4. The emotion of the photograph.

Check out this sequence of photos as well as the simple directions I’d give as we move from shot to shot. We began with a closed pose.

simple posing micro poses
Use micro-poses to capture small intimate details.
  1. Pull each other close, look at her, and look at me.
  2. Pull back a bit and look at each other.
  3. Then touch foreheads.

The basic closed pose is still the same, yet we get a series of natural photos with simple posing directions and changes.

Step #4: Wide, Medium, Tight

We want to capture a variety of images to create a collage. Keeping the same foundation pose, simply move away to capture a wide shot, then move in closer to capture the details. No need for drastic changes or a crazy list of shots.


I hope you enjoyed this article/video. A simple posing framework is incredibly important to keep the energy and flow positive and stress-free throughout the photoshoot. For a full guide on posing, check out the Complete Posing Workshop on SLR Lounge Premium. There, you can also find Incredible Engagements to learn how to capture stunning couple’s and engagement portraits.

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