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13 Feb 2023

Free Downloads

Who doesn’t like free stuff? As a starving artist, any freebie I can get my hands on that can help my photography business is a win. Below we’ve provided 5 items for you to download and use free of charge. We hope that these will help you in your business and feel free to pass them along to any of your photography friends as well!

Here’s a list of free downloads available for our SLR Lounge Community:

Profoto Flash Photography Guide


profoto flash photography guide

We’ve teamed up with Profoto to provide photographers with a comprehensive Flash Photography Guide filled with techniques ranging from beginner to advanced to help level up your flash photography skills.

Click Here to Access. 


Simulate Sunlight With Off-camera Flash


Learn how to enhance existing light to simulate sunlight with off-camera flashes in one of our most advanced start-to-finish tutorials from our premium workshop “Lighting 4 | Creating Every Natural Light Effect Using Flash”.

Click Here to Access.



Advanced Flash Stacking For Depth


In one of our most popular start-to-finish tutorials from our premium workshop “Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash,” we show you how to use multiple “stacked” flashes to refine and perfect your image.

Click Here to Access.




Sales Secrets For Photography Studios


You don’t have to be salesy to close the sale. Regardless of your personality type, you CAN book clients and sell products if you ask the right questions and understand your clients’ true needs. Using Fundy Designer to help communicate our vision, we show you exactly how to do that.

Click Here to Access.

Engagement Photography Guide | Free Ebook

Learn how to create professional engagement photos with this free 100 page guide to creating engagement photography. In this three book series, we’ll cover planning, posing, lighting, and more for engagement photography. To download, click here.

Free Online Masterclass | 10 Ways to 10X Your Wedding Photography Skills

Are you just starting out in wedding photography and don’t know where to begin? Or are you a wedding photographer with years of experience looking to find ways to further develop your skillset and business?

Join award-winning wedding photographer, Pye Jirsa of Lin & Jirsa Photography as he guides you through the 10 essential tips you need to know to grow your wedding photography skills by 10-fold, no matter where you are in your career! We’ll let you in on our secrets to creating a successful photography business as well as the fundamentals to consistently creating amazing imagery for your clients. To view, click here

Free Photography Contract

It’s always important to make sure you and your business are protected. Make sure you have a solid contract in place and be sure to have your clients (and even the non-paying subjects) sign it. You never know what might happen. Here is a Photography Contract template to get you started.

Free Model Release

Like a solid photography contract, you should have all of your clients and models sign a model release. Again, it’s always wise to make sure all agreements on photo usage are made in writing. Better safe than sorry.

Collage Templates For Blogging

We created our very own pack of 13 photo layout templates to make creating blogs simple & efficient! If you are someone who is looking to create or redesign your current blog, download our free templates to keep your blog clean, professional and your audience coming back for more! You can download them here! Please refer to this article to see instructions on how to use the templates.

Free Second Shooter Contract 

For those who are looking to step foot into the professional realm of photography (or those who are already there), you may start to realize that you can’t be everywhere at once. Our Second Shooter Contract will help you hire the right photographer to add to your team, inevitably helping you photograph a wedding day without missing the most important moment’s of your clients’ day!


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    Just joined the other day and already just from the tutorials I have been watching I can tell this is going to be worth the money, people saying it too expensive and they can’t afford it need to look at it like an investment that you save up for, you don’t get a diploma for as cheap as this or a new 70-200 f/2.8 but I’m pretty sure this will probbly improve your photography more!

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